3 Steps to Terminate a Tenancy

You cannot terminate a tenancy if you have a contract with a landlord. However, there may be options if the contract was broken, or if certain circumstances are present. Follow these three steps before terminating your lease.

#1 Check Your Lease Agreement

Your contract is the most important document to look over before you make a plan to move out. There should be a section regarding lease termination that explains when the tenant has a right to terminate the lease. This typically can only occur if a landlord has broken the agreement first. Some landlords allow termination due to loss of job or other circumstances.

#2 Make a Plan

Your plan to terminate should involve a legal way to move out according to your contract. Make a plan to either show the lease was violated, or prove you can no longer afford the lease.  Some landlords allow termination if a renter can find a replacement tenant prior to moving out.

#3 Notify Landlord

Once you have committed your plan to writing, deliver the plan to your landlord in person. You should show that you are aware of the terms expressed in the lease, and you are acting within those terms.

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