3 Reasons a Landlord can Keep Rental Deposits

Rental deposits can be a sore subject between landlords and renters. However, they are a necessary measure for landlords to protect themselves against damage. There are several instances where a landlord can keep a rental deposit. Here are some circumstances where a landlord can keep the deposit.

1. Destroying the Flooring

Destroying the flooring is a very common reason that landlords keep the deposit. It may not cost you as much as losing your entire deposit, but damage beyond "wear and tear" to carpeting, hardwood floors, etc. can take a big chunk out of your deposit. This can result from burns, animal droppings, scratches and scrapes.

2. Excessive Damage

Another reason that they might keep your deposit is to repair excessive damage to the property. This can include holes in the wall, painting the walls but not painting them back to white, leaving holes nailed in the wall for hanging items, as well as damage to appliances, from the oven to the dishwasher to the washer or dryer.

3. Contract Clauses

In your rental contract, there are most likely some contingencies that spell out when they can keep your deposit. If you do not live up to your end of the deal, they will hang on to the money. 

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