3 Real Estate Tricks Your Agent Might Pull

There are not many real estate tricks an agent can use on an informed borrower. You should do independent research on the housing market so you can be better aware of the logic behind any realtor's suggestions. Then, take note of a few red flags: 

#1 Pushing for a Fast Decision

A real estate agent may try to get you to put down an offer before you are prepared to do so. The agent may say there are "several other interested borrowers." Even if this is true, there should be no real rush. There are hundreds of homes on the market at any given time, and you can always move on if one is taken.

#2 Selectively Showing Listings

Your agent may have a silent agreement with another agent to show only their listings. Be wary of whom the seller's agent is on any home you look at, and note if only one or two sellers are being shown to you.

#3 Not Disclosing Fees

Your real estate agent is legally obligated to disclose fees associated with his or her services up front. If your agent is reluctant to do so, then you should start shopping for a new agent. This is usually a sign the fees are higher than the market competition.

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