3 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent can be a very valuable asset to you when you are buying a home. Their expertise in the industry can be extremely beneficial to you. Here are a few important questions that you may want to consider asking:

1. Is this a good neighborhood?

If you are unfamiliar with a city that you are moving to, it is important that you know where the good neighborhoods are. If you have kids, you want to ask about the neighborhood schools. If you do not, ask about the values of the homes in the area, public transportation and general markets are located. A good neighborhood is a key ingredient to building wealth in a home.

2. How much is this house worth?

Just because a house is listed at $200,000 does not mean that it is actually worth $200,000. Ask your real estate agent if the house that you are considering is worth what they are asking for it. Ask about the comparable sales in the area and drive by them to compare them on your own.

3. How much should we offer?

When you find a house that you like, it is usually a good idea to ask your real estate agent how much you should offer. Usually, they have a good feel for the local market and can tell you if they think the house will sell for a full price offer, or if you can offer a little less.

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