3 Non-Traditional Real Estate Investing Techniques

If you are looking for non-traditional real estate investing techniques, you are definitely not short on options. Many investors think that the only way that you can invest in real estate is to save up money and buy a house to rent. While that is one option, it is only one of many options available. Here are a few non-traditional real estate investing techniques. 


An REIT is an alternative way to invest in the real estate market. REIT stands for real estate investment trust and it can give you a safer way to invest in the real estate market. Instead of investing directly in a particular house, you are basically investing in a mutual fund that invests in real estate. This diversifies your money over a large number of investments.

2. Real Estate ETF

A real estate ETF is very similar to an REIT with a few key differences. ETF stands for exchange traded fund and that gives you the ability to trade it just like you would a stock. This gives you superior flexibility compared to other investments.

3. Options

Options give you the ability to buy a house, but not the obligation. You can take out options on property and wait to see if they appreciate or not. 

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