3 Common Contingencies in Home Offers

Dealing with home offers is something that you are going to have to do when you sell your house. There are certain contingencies that people may put in a home offer. If you know what to expect, you could possibly take care of the problems sooner. Here are a few common contingencies that you will frequently see in home offers. 

1. Repairs

Many people will request that certain repairs be made before the offer is official. They may offer $150,000 for the house, as long as the roof is fixed before closing and passes inspection. These types of offers are very common and could apply to any area of the house. 

2. Flooring Allowance

Another common contingency is asking for a flooring allowance. If the carpet is old and worn out, most new buyers will want to change it. This means that they will usually request a flooring allowance with the offer price in order to replace it. 

3. Closing Costs

Many buyers will also request that you pay part or all of the closing costs associated with the sale. This could amount to several thousand dollars. 

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