3 Cities with Population Growth over Ten Years

Purchasing real estate in an area that has shown population growth over a decade generally means you will see growth in your home's value. Instead of focusing on cities that have sharp rises, such as Las Vegas or New Orleans, focus on cities with constant, slow growth over time.

#1 Fort Worth, Texas

A sister city to Dallas, Fort Worth capitalizes on the neighboring job market. Texas has one of the most sustainable and largest economies of any state in the country, and Dallas is a large part of that. Purchasing in Ft. Worth gives you a piece of this large economy in the feel of a small, Texas town.

#2 Irvine, California

Like Ft. Worth, Irvine offers a nearby large city in Los Angeles. Irvine prices are not yet as high as Los Angeles County or other parts of Orange County, giving buyers a chance to get into the market at a good time.

#3 Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte has everything buyers will want in years to come: the feel of a small, walkable town, warm weather and even professional sports. It has sustained a solid population growth in years past and promises to do so with its proximity to a number of major markets all with a distinctive Southern charm.

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