3 Best Towns for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens should look to grow old in areas where their money will go the furthest, allowing them to continue to enjoy a high quality of life despite a decreased income. Weather may also be a concern for many individuals.

#1 Palm Beach County, Florida

Palm Beach tends to be very pricey, and a small condo can run over a half a million dollars. However, if you can afford this price, then you will be well taken care of. The location offers a number of hospitals and a lot of senior services. Year-round warm weather encourages grandchildren to come visit.

#2 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Forbes lists Montgomery County as among the best places to live owing to its large population of retired individuals around a large metropolis, Philadelphia, and a good mix of colleges and universities. Here, the old and the young enjoy each other company.

#3 Pima County, Arizona

Great weather and a large retired population make this town a great please to grow old. Senior citizens enjoy close proximity to major hospitals, a relatively low cost of living, and dry, warm weather year round. Those 65 and over can play golf and soak up the scenery while able, and then relax to a quieter life.

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