3 Actions a Tenant can Take Against You

When you are dealing with a troublesome tenant, you will have to learn how to be flexible because if the problems escalate, more problems can arise. If the tenant is not willing to work with you to resolve problems, they may result to legal tactics. Here are a few actions that a tenant could take against you. 

1. File a Complaint

The first thing that they could potentially do to you is file a complaint against you. There are a number of organizations accept tenant-landlord complaints. Some areas have an apartment association or a housing authority that can severely affect your reputation.

 2. Sue for Damages

If there is a big problem between you and a tenant, they could sue you for damages. If they believe that you wronged them in some way, they may be inclined to sue you to get some money.

3. Criminal Complaint

Depending on what happened, they could even file a criminal complaint against you. This would have to be a very bad situation to escalate to this point, but it is not uncommon, so protect yourself and always keep your anger under control.  

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