Remortgaging with a Private Lender

Getting a remortgage can provide you with a lot of different financial opportunities depending on your situation. If you are unable to work with a traditional lender, you may find it necessary to remortgage with a private lender. Here are a few things to consider about working with a private lender.

Private Lenders

Private lenders are individuals that have excess money that they want to invest. They are willing to work with individuals to loan them money in return for a certain amount of interest. Typically, private lenders want to earn a higher rate of return than what they could in other investments. Therefore, you should expect to pay a higher rate of interest with a private lenders than you would with a traditional mortgage lender.


When you work with a private lender, you are going to notice some differences from what you would see in the traditional mortgage market. For example, it is typically going to be easier to get approved with a private lender than it will be with a regular lender. They are going to have different qualifications when it comes to getting approved. You will also see that many of these lenders have a much simpler application process because there is not as many levels of management to go through.

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