Putting Your Home Equity to Work

Using your home equity in the proper way can go a long way to improving your financial standing. Your home equity represents the largest source of funds for most homeowners. Therefore, deciding what to do with it can be tricky. Many people waste their home equity on frivolous things along the way. Making wise choices with your home equity is essential if you want to succeed financially. Here are a few good ways that you can put your home equity to work.

Add Value

One great way to use your home equity is to use it to improve your house with it. When you take money out of your home and then put it back into the house through improvements, you are making a very wise decision. While it is smart to fix up your house, you want to do it correctly. Many people go throughout the house and put money into things that will never get them a return. 

You do not want to over-improve the house beyond the standards of your neighborhood. Regardless of how nice you make the house, the value will be brought down by the houses around it. Therefore, you need to make repairs or additions that you know will help the value overall. 

Adding on a room is a great way to add value. When you add on a room, you are adding square footage, which is what people pay for. Therefore, you know that you will see a return on that money. On top of that, you will get to enjoy the space while you live there. 

Besides adding a room, there are two areas of the house that you will want to focus on. The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important areas for adding value. Make sure that these areas are up-to-date and look great. These are the areas that people look at first when they are about to buy a house. 


When you come across a great investment, sometimes it might be hard to come up with the money to get involved. With home equity funds, you can borrow the money from yourself and start investing. When you take money from your house to invest, you better be sure that the investment is a good one. You need to make more of a return on your funds than the interest rate on your home equity loan. Otherwise, you will not come out on top.

In addition to the ability to invest with the funds, you are also gaining important tax advantages. The interest from your home equity loan or line of credit is fully deductible on your tax return. Therefore, the majority of the cost associated with getting the money will be taken off of your taxable income at the end of the year. This means you are making money with the equity and saving money that you have to pay the government at the same time.

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