How to Get an Online FHA Loan Pre-Approval

Getting an online FHA loan pre-approval can be a very beneficial step if you are preparing to buy a home. A pre-approval will make the buying process move smoothly. An approval will provide you with a payment amount so that you can properly budget your finances. A pre-approval will open more avenues for you and help you find more options for you to buy because a seller will more inclined to sell you a property if they know you are financially able to buy a home. Here are the basics of getting an online FHA loan pre-approval.

Find a Lender

The first step in the process is to find a lender that works with the FHA. You can find out quickly if the lender is an approved FHA lender or not. Then you will want to shop around and find the best deal on the loan before you apply.


When you find a lender that you are comfortable with, find out how to apply for a pre-approval. There will usually be a link that you can click on to find the pre-approval application. Fill it out and wait for the notification from them that you are pre-approved.  

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