How to Get an FHA Manufactured Home

FHA-insured loans are available for manufactured or mobile homes. This is part of the US Dept of Housing's Title I Program. Under this program, mobile homes and/or lots can be purchased or refinanced through approved lenders. FHA will insure the loan. The following are some basic criteria for meeting the FHA guidelines.

  • The home must be the primary residence of the borrower. It cannot be a secondary home or an investment property. The borrower must reside in the home full time.
  • The maximum loan amount for a home-lot combination is $92,904. The maximum loan amount for a mobile home only is $69,678 and for a lot only is $23,226.
  • The maximum loan term for a single manufactured home section is 20 years. For a multi-section, the maximum term is 25 years. And for just a home lot loan, the maximum is 15 years.
  • The interest rate must be fixed over the length of the term.
  • Certain manufactured home standards MUST be met.

 Other things to consider involve personal finance readiness:

  • Do you have sufficient income to make monthly loan payments in addition to your other expenses?
  • Do you have enough for a down payment if required?

Be sure to research further requirements about FHA-insured loans for manufactured homes. This will increase your chances of approval.


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