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Among the biggest winners during the recent refinance craze have been Home Equity Loans. These second mortgages have benefitted due their competitive interest rates as well as their general ease in obtaining. Home equity loans differ from full refinances in that the first mortgage in not replaced with a new one. The homeowner simply accesses the equity that’s available in the property and borrows against it, thereby creating two separate mortgages, along with two separate payments.

The terms and fees of home equities are as varied as the lenders who offer them. Therefore, careful study and comparison shopping is a must for the homeowner who’s interested in tapping into his or her equity by means of a HEL. Start with the information provided in this section, and continue with our additional mortgage and financial articles. Do your homework; take advantage of our Mortgage Calculators. Only then can you be sure that you’ll find the best loan package for you.


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