Home Equity Loans for the Credit-Challenged

If you have bad credit, finding a home equity loan, or any loan for that matter, can be a frustrating task. In today's market, however, mortgage loans for people with bad credit are available, even though the interest rates that they’ll face will be higher than those for borrowers with stronger credit numbers. Unfortunately, you should also expect to pay slightly higher fees on your loan as well. Despite the elevated costs, you can still find a good home equity loan if you gather as much information as you can, and follow the tips listed below:

  • Understand the product and process. Unfortunately, the mortgage industry still has its shared of lenders who will take advantage of potential borrowers with poor credit and a lack of knowledge about mortgages and the mortgage marketplace. It's important to understand the basics and specifics of your mortgage, and how loans differ. For example, an adjustable-rate mortgage will give you a low monthly rate for an initial period of two- to seven years; but then the rate adjusts upward. On the other hand, a balloon mortgage will have the same initial, low payment period, but when it concludes, the entire mortgage will be due in full.
  • Comparison shop. Competition in the marketplace is a good thing for the consumer; it naturally regulates costs. When it comes to home equity loans, there's plenty of competition out there to choose from. And with more competition comes cheaper prices. Research lenders on the Internet and compare quotes from several lenders on rates and closing costs. Before making a commitment, check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure a lender doesn't have any complaints lodged against it.
  • Pick a loan that’s right for you. As long as you qualify, most lenders will be happy to give you as much money as you want. They don't mind if you have to start making huge monthly payments on the loan. Make sure the that loan benefits you in the long run. Will it help you get your finances back on track, and eventually qualify you for a better loan? That should be the ultimate goal of this financial transaction.
  • Check closing costs diligently. Each mortgage lender is required by law to provide you with a Good Faith Estimate detailing the proposed costs of the loan. Make sure that you understand all the charges, and keep a watchful eye out for inflated origination fees and so-called “junk fees”, which only serve to increase a lender’s profit yield.

When it comes to home equity loans for people with poor credit, the biggest favor that you can do for yourself is to study the mortgage marketplace and what’s available in it. There’s a plethora of information available to anyone who needs it. Familiarize yourself with the different types of loans that are offered. Find out how you can improve your credit. An excellent place to start your research is in the Mortgage Loan Education Center. You’ll find valuable calculators, tools and information to help you pinpoint the best mortgage available. In the end, you'll get a loan that will help, and not hurt, your financial situation.

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