2 Reasons to Get a 125 Home Equity Loan

125 home equity loans are a unique lending instrument that can be used to help you get the money you need. With most loans, you can borrow 80 or 90 percent of the home value. 125 loans are difficult to find in a bad economy, but there are a few advantages:

More Money

The most common reason people get 125 home equity loans is to get more money. When you are borrowing money with a traditional loan, your options can be a little limited. You might not be able to get as much money as you need. With a 125 home equity loan, you are free to get more cash than normal.

Quick Access to Money

Many times, when you just start out with a home, you do not have any equity to borrow against. Equity in a home is built slowly over time. However, with a 125 home equity loan, you have the ability to get a home equity loan quicker.

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