Required Documents for a Private Student Loan Application

When filling out a private student loan application, you must provide your lender with both financial and personal information. This helps your lender validate your identity and determine whether you qualify for the loan.

Credit Report

When you apply for a private student loan, your lender will pull your credit report and evaluate your credit history. Your credit report is a record of your debts and your payment histories to each of your current and past creditors. A lender uses this information to decide how likely you are to make your student loan payments on time. Your credit history also plays a role in determining your interest rate.

Proof of Income

You can expect your lender to request proof that you have a steady income source that will allow you to make payments on your student loan. A letter from your employer, copies of your recent pay stubs or recent bank statements may be used to prove your income.

Proof of Identity

You lender will want documents that prove you are the person you claim to be. Be prepared to provide your lender with a copy of your photo ID, your Social Security card and a utility bill to show evidence of your address.

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