Personal Loans for Bad Credit

If you're having a tough time getting the bills paid, you might occasion to let a few of them slide, fully intending to catch things up the next month, when your financial situation becomes a bit more 'inspiring.' Unfortunately, all too often that doesn't happen. Instead, the next month finds you one or two more bills behind than you were previously, and before you know it a handful of months have passed and you're suddenly being hounded by various collections departments that want to know (and quite persistently, we might add) when you're going to pay them.

At this point, you may consider taking out a personal loan to pay off all those bills, stop the phone from ringing, and get yourself back on track. Unfortunately, those months of late- and non-payment have dropped your credit score substantially, and now the bank won't even give you a calendar, much less a traditional personal loan.

Rest assured that you're not the only person in the world who may need a little financial boost, but is now dealing with less-than-perfect credit. As a matter of fact, the situation is actually more the rule than the exception. As such, there's a complete industry of slightly less-traditional sources of financing geared toward people with problem credit. The more notable choices are listed here:

  • Secured loans – These are loans in which you put something on the line as collateral in order persuade the bank to lend you the money you need. Collateral may take the form of a car title, a properly deed, a passbook account or other item with enough value to cover the loan amount should you default. The security will lessen the bank's risk of financial loss, thereby making them a bit more flexible with regard to your credit situation – but you're still likely to pay a higher interest rate.
  • Payday loans – The fundamental idea of a payday loan is to get an 'advance' on your next paycheck. You'll typically have to provide the loan company with a few recent pay stubs and a bank statement and you'll be able to get from $300 to $500 instantly (though some payday lenders may go as high as $1,500 or more). The catch, however, is that these are very short-term, extremely high interest-rate loans. If you don't pay them off quickly, you could end up shelling out several hundred times the original loan amount just in interest fees.
  • Credit cards – While you may not think of your credit card as a possible loan source, it can be. Be warned, however, that the interest rate on credit card cash advances is almost always substantially higher than the card's normal rate for purchases. Therefore, the key (again) is to pay off the cash advance amount as quickly as you possibly can before the interest begins to accumulate and get out of hand.

The best way to deal with debt is to keep it under control in the first place. Once it starts to spiral upward, it's very difficult to regain the handle. So do your absolute best to stay on top of your bills at all times. Just know that these financial resources are there if needed – but make no mistake, you'll pay for them

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