How to Qualify for a Wedding Loan with Bad Credit

With the growing cost of weddings, a wedding loan may be necessary to fill the financial gap for the big day. Many people want the perfect wedding, but, a perfect wedding costs a lot of money. Renting the church, paying for flowers, invitations, the cake, the dress, and a host of other expenses, can make the total bill much more than anticipated. Therefore a wedding loan can help you get the money you need in the short term and give you a longer period of time to pay it off. There are many different financing plans and terms that can give you the help you need. When you go to apply for a loan, however, it is necessary to have a decent credit rating to get approved in most cases. Having bad credit can make it very difficult to get approved for the loan you need. Here are a few tips to help get yourself qualified for a wedding loan.


One of the best ways to get a wedding loan with bad credit is to get a cosigner for the loan. When you are applying for any kind of credit, it always helps to get a cosigner. When there is more than one person on the loan, the bank is going to look at both parties that are involved. You need to find a cosigner that has a good credit history on file in order to increase your chances of getting approved. If you have a bad credit score, the other person's good credit can help to balance out your bad score. 

When someone cosigns the loan for you, it means that they are going to guarantee the loan. The bank looks at this as a major plus, because they do not have to worry as much about the person with bad credit. If you can not make the payments, the cosigner would have to make the payments for you. While your idea is not to leave the payments with your cosigner unfairly, the bank does look more favorably on the loan application because of the cosigner. This should be your primary focus if you have bad credit and need a wedding loan.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

If you want to qualify for a wedding loan with bad credit, you may need to look outside the usual channels. Instead of just reviewing banks, you should consider peer-to-peer loans as well. Peer-to-peer loans are done between individuals instead of going through a bank. You can find a number of peer-to-peer websites out there that make it easy on you to set up these types of loans. You can submit a request for a loan, have multiple lenders look at it and have them bid on it. With this type of program, you can find lenders that are willing to work with those that have low credit scores as long as you are willing to pay a little more in interest. 

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