How Lenders Evaluate Active Duty Military Loan Applications

Active duty military loans are challenging loans to secure for a number of reasons. Typically, an active duty service member lacks a permanent address and is frequently traveling or out of the country. Also, they lack a credit history. Unfortunately, the financial industry as a whole does not address the need for military personnel to have adequate access to capital. If you are seeking a loan and currently serve in the military, think about how a lender evaluates the loan prior to applying.

Permanent Address

The first item you need in order to secure a loan is a permanent, private address. If you do not currently have a permanent address, you may need to provide the contact information of a cosigner in order to boost your ability to secure a loan.


Many military service persons do not have a high asset base. They simply do not need a personal vehicle, or home, while they are in service. If you do not have assets for collateral, search for creative ways to secure your loan. You can secure it against a savings account, or stock certificate. This can help to increase your chances of receiving financing.

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