Do You Qualify for a Nina Loan?

The term NINA loan stands for "no income, no asset" loan. This is a type of loan that is given without verification of income or asset verification. Here are a few things to consider about whether you qualify for a NINA loan.

Employment Verification

Even though you are not going to have to have a certain amount of income for this type of loan, you are going to have to prove that you have a job. The lender is going to call your employer and make sure that you are employed permanently. Without a job, you are not going to be able to get this loan.

Credit Requirements

In order to qualify for this loan, you will be required to have a good credit score. The lender is basing their lending decision on your ability to repay your debts. In most cases, you are going to have to have a higher credit score than you would with a traditional mortgage loan. You should expect to have to have a credit score of above 720 in order to qualify. In many cases, you are also required to work in a specific line of work. For example, some lenders will only lend to you if you are a W2 employee.

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