Compare Your Student Loan Consolidation Options

If you are considering consolidating your student loans, you might want to compare student loan consolidation options before you make a decision. With many different ways to consolidate, you should look at all of the available alternatives before deciding on a loan.


Looking at banks is a great place to start. Many different banks offer student loan consolidation programs. These programs will allow you to get competitive interest rates, low fees and great service. The advantage of going with a bank is that many of them offer online account access which will make your life much easier.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are often the most overlooked option for student loan consolidation. Credit unions are non-profit organizations. As such entities, they do not have to pay taxes to the government. This means that they can pass those savings on to their customers through lower interest rates than other types of institutions. With a credit union, you will most likely be able to save on the interest rate and fees as compared to a bank. Many credit unions offer an additional discount if you will open a checking account with them and have the payment deducted from the account.

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