Common Requirements for Military Financial Loan Approval

A military financial loan is the same as any other type of financial loan. Military loans can be obtained for automobiles, personal loans and even mortgages. The main difference with a military loan is the requirements facing the applicant. Military lenders are more likely to forgive credit blips that may be a consequence of military service.

Credit Challenges in the Military

Many members of the armed forces face challenges in preserving their good credit. They do not often take loans while in service, limiting the available information for a credit report. Further, those loans military service members do take often experience delinquencies when the individual is engaged in training or stationed abroad.

Military Loan Requirements

Military lenders are willing to forgive mistakes that occurred as a direct result of military service. For example, a payment that was missed while an individual was deployed may be forgiven on an application. However, an applicant must have an otherwise solid financial history. A military person with multiple defaults or other credit problems will not likely qualify under even the looser requirements of military lenders. As a result, it is necessary to have an average credit rating around 600 to 650 to qualify for this loan.

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