Getting a student loan can be a great tool to help you go to college. With such a common type of loan, there are many different myths surrounding them in society. Here are some of the most common student loan myths out there.

1. You Can Get Rid of Them Without Paying

Some people believe that you can get rid of your student loans through bankruptcy or some other type of judgment. However, student loans are one of the only types of debt that you cannot get rid of unless you become disabled or pay them off. The federal government is not going to give you a break on these student loans unless you become disabled.

2. It is Difficult to Get a Student Loan

Some people believe that student loans are difficult to obtain. In actuality, they are one of the easiest types of loans to get. As long as you are a United States citizen and you do not have any outstanding federal debt, you should be able to get a student loan.

3. You Can Continue to Put Off Payments

With student loans, you can utilize forbearances and deferments if you are having hard times. However, there is a limit as to how many times you can use each of these techniques.

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