Your Mutual Fund Closed? Maybe It's a Good Thing

Many people believe that a closed fund signals trouble for the investors involved. However, sometimes a closed mutual fund may be a good thing. Here are the basics of a closed fund and why it may be beneficial to you as an investor.

Closed Funds

There are two different types of mutual funds available in the market today. You have open ended funds, and you have close ended funds. An open-ended fund is one that allows an infinite number of investors to get involved. It will always be open to the public and anyone can join.

On the other hand, a close ended fund is one that allows a limited number of investors to get involved. Once the limit is reached the fund is closed to outside investors. Only the investors that were already involved can add more funds to the mutual fund. While it may seem like a disadvantage to not be able to add more funds to the mutual fund it can actually help the investors.


As an investor, you want to put your money where it will be able to grow. Most likely, the reason that you chose your current mutual fund is because of the growth that it demonstrated over the long-term. Once a fund gets too large, it can no longer grow at the same rate that it once did. According to the law of diminishing marginal returns, the returns the get out of it will not be as good as they once were. The smaller mutual funds are the ones that tend to grow more rapidly. Therefore, closing the doors to new investors can be a very beneficial strategy to keep you from losing the growth that you need.

Anonymous Movement

One of the major advantages that a smaller mutual fund has is that it can move anonymously in the market. People become aware of large movements in the market quickly. When a mutual fund is too large it can no longer move anonymously. People will know when it is about to make a move and this could change the pricing of the security that it is about to purchase. Other investors could try to buy the security first and this will drive up the price. Therefore, the investments of the fund will not be as efficient as they once were. As a result of this, the return on investment will be smaller.

Investment Decision

As an investor, when a fund closes its doors, this is actually done to help you. While it may not actually help the performance of the fund overall, it will not usually negatively affect it. However, if you feel like the fund closing was not good for you, then you should consider eliminating your shares in the investment. You should not spend any extra time investing in a fund that you are not comfortable with. Whether or not you should stay involved in a closed fund is a personal investment decision. 

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