Where To Invest Your Money For High Returns?

We all want to know where to invest your money for the greatest possible return. As long as you are educated and make wise decisions, making money on investments doesn’t have to take a degree in rocket science. Here are a few ways you can get a higher return on your money.

Invest in Land

If you see an area that is growing in population and industry, then land is a pretty good high return investment. The trick for this is to track the growth rates of an area and get the land before the prices start to go up. By the time the local newspapers announce a new industry moving in, it’s probably too late to get land for cheap. Instead, you want to keep track of large corporate growth patterns, and even research city tax records to get an idea of what’s going on. When invested right, you can expect returns as high as 60% on land purchases in developing areas.

Real Estate

While in the recent economy many people are afraid of real estate, it’s still a relatively safe and high return investment. You may have to hang on to the property for a little longer today, but the returns can be great. You can generally find homes that need to be fixed up, or foreclosure homes, put a minimal amount of work or money in to the home, and flip it for a decent return. Many people find they have luck purchasing property and renting it out for a return. Be careful with renting though, you are allowing others to keep up on your investment that way. Tenants don’t have much incentive to keep up a home they don’t own.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are much riskier than investments like mutual funds since they are not well regulated, but they can offer higher returns than other investment options. If you are able to invest with some intelligence and you know your way around the market, then a hedge fund can offer a quick return that is higher than most. On the other side of the coin though, you can lose a lot of money very quickly with hedge funds, so proceed at your own risk.


While saving money isn’t exactly what people think of when it comes to investment, it can offer a higher return than many other options. Just the act of clipping coupons and spending wisely can show you more money in your checking account every month. If you don’t already have a 401K or a roth IRA you may want to look in to starting one.  CD’s can also offer you a guaranteed return, even though it may not be the highest in the world. But a guaranteed return of as little as 2% can be a lot better than losing 10% on a failed investment. These are small things you can do that will end up putting more money in your pocket than you had before.

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