Program trading is a type of trading that is traditionally used by institutional investors in which a computer program places trades in the market for them.This strategy uses an advanced algorithm to guide the trading strategies of the computer. When program trading is used, typically, large amounts of stock are purchased without any human supervision. Expert traders are in charge of coming up with the trading strategies for the computer, and programming them accordingly.

One of the primary advantages of this type of trading strategy is that investors can avoid having to watch the market at all times. When a computer makes your trades for you, it will monitor the market anytime that it is open and will place trades when a profitable opportunity comes up.

This strategy is used in the stock market, the Forex market and the futures market. Experts spend a great deal of time researching the strategies for these computer programs and perfecting them. They have proven to be very profitable for institutional traders and they can often do things that regular humans cannot do. For example, some strategies place hundreds of trades into the market within a fraction of a second. 

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