What Is Active Management?

As an investor, finding a mutual fund that utilizes active management can provide you with many benefits. Here are the basics of active management and what it means to you as an investor.

Active Management

Mutual funds use a number of different investment strategies when it comes to managing their clients investment dollars. Mutual funds can be managed passively, or actively. A passively managed fund is one that does not make many trades. This type of fund generally hold stocks and other securities and allows them to grow in value over time.

An actively managed mutual fund is one that utilizes a much more aggressive strategy. They may buy and sell stocks much more frequently than a passively managed mutual fund. This type of style does not rely on long-term growth from individual stocks. It seeks to benefit from short-term events in the prices of the stocks. 

Many investors like to see a lot of action in the portfolio. For those investors, an actively managed mutual fund will be the way to go. However, those investors that like a more long-term approach to investment may prefer the passively managed mutual funds by comparison.

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