What Is a Whisper Number?

A whisper number is something that you may need to be aware of as an investor in the stock market. Here are the basics of a whisper number and how it can affect you as an investor.

Whisper Number

A whisper number can be a number that unofficially indicates the earnings per share of a particular stock. This is typically a number calculated by a financial professional and is distributed by word-of-mouth between investors. Many traders on Wall Street will circulate whisper numbers amongst themselves. In many cases, you have to be a privileged investor in order to gain access to these whisper numbers.

Another version of a whisper number comes when a collection of investors provide their sentiments on a particular stock. For example, if an investment magazine or website takes a survey of what traders thought of a particular stock, this could be considered a whisper number.

Investor Impact

A whisper number could potentially help you as an investor. However, unless the person that is coming up with this number is better at analyzing financial information than traditional analysts, it will not do you much good. You need to be aware of who you are getting your information from when making investment decisions.


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