Many people may be wondering, 'What is mutual fund investment?' and how it can benefit them. Here are the basics of a mutual fund and what it can do for individual investors.

Pooling of Funds

A mutual fund is an entity that allows investors to pool their funds together and purchase many different securities. By pooling together the money from millions of different investors, a fund can raise a great deal of money. This allows the group to benefit from economies of scale by cutting down on transaction costs as well as diversifying the portfolio overall. An individual investor may not be able to buy enough securities to diversify his or her portfolio well. However, many investors pooling their money together can accomplish this effectively.

Professional Management

One of the main benefits of investing in a mutual fund is that you get professional management for your money. A fund manager is an individual who looks over the mutual fund and makes the individual investment decisions for it. This was a benefit that was previously available only to the very wealthy. The invention of the mutual fund has made it possible for many more people to benefit from professional money management and earn a nice return on their investments.

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