What is a FOREX Demo Account?

With a Forex demo account, you can gain access to the Forex market without actually putting up any of your own money. Here are the basics of the Forex demo account and how it works. This type of account is offered by every Forex broker in the market today. With this type of account, you will be able to download the actual trading platform that you will be using once you go live with an account. The broker will provide you with a certain amount of "play money" in your account to trade with. You will have all of the capabilities that you will have with your real account. You will be able to place real-time trades into the market and see if they are profitable or not.


This type of account can be very beneficial because it allows you to test out strategies that you are trying to learn. This way, you will not have to risk your own money until you feel completely comfortable with a trading strategy.


This type of account can lead to bad money management strategies. Since you are not risking real money, you will most likely trade differently with this type of account than you would with a real account.

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