What Can Sector Funds Offer for Your Portfolio?

Sector funds provide investors with an alternative form of investment. Investing in sector funds is something you should consider for your portfolio. Here are the basics of sector funds and what they can do for you as an investor.

What Are Sector Funds?

Most investors are familiar with mutual funds and exchange traded funds. The basic idea behind these funds is to buy a number of different assets in order to diversify a large portfolio for investors. This tends to lower risk and create steady growth for investors. The sector fund is a similar concept, however, it utilizes securities from a particular sector of the market. Therefore, it is not diversified over several different areas. It focuses solely on one sector and provides returns based upon how the sector does.

Rapid Growth

One of the major benefits of investing in a sector fund is the rapid growth potential. A sector fund, typically invests in leading companies in a particular field. Therefore, you usually have a portfolio that includes the best of the best from that sector. Therefore, if the sector does well, you stand to make a nice return on your investment.

Getting in on the front end of a trend can be very beneficial to you as an investor. Selecting the right industry to invest in is very important with this type of fund. For example, if one would have invested in the technology sector in the early 90s, they could have made a substantial return on investment. In today's market, technology is still growing and many investors have even benefited from investing in the healthcare sector. There are many different sector funds to choose from and it is all about choosing a sector that you believe will grow in the future.

Investing in What You Know

One of the great things about a sector fund is that it allows you to invest in what you know. We all like to invest in things that we know something about and feel comfortable with. This gives us a feeling of control over the investment and keeps us out of the dark. For example, if you're involved in a particular industry and know quite a bit about it, this could be a good opportunity to get involved in a sector fund from that industry. You are no longer relying on an investment guru to tell you what to buy. You know the industry inside and out and what kind of potential it has. Therefore, sector funds provide a great opportunity for investors to invest in something that they are comfortable with.

Investment Considerations

When choosing a sector fund, there are several things that you want to look at. Take a look at the growth curve of the fund and see if it appears to be on the way up. You also want to look at the fund manager and see if they have a good track record. Check out the fees associated with the fund and any other information about it. Make an informed decision before you get involved with a sector fund.

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