Use the National Investment Club to Gain Resources

The National Investment Club or National Association of Investors Corp. (NAIC) is a great resource for anyone interested in starting an investment club or simply making wise investments on their own.

There are many resources available for the beginner and the experienced investor.  There is also a plethora of advice from experienced investors and experienced investment clubs. This nonprofit, volunteer based organization is committed to helping people succeed.

Online Tools

The National Investment Club offers many different types of online tools to assist investors. An investor never has to leave the comfort of their home.

One tool, for example, includes the summary of security investment strategies and illustrates what many of the more experienced investors are buying or selling. The tool allows members see the most actively traded stocks and gives some clues about why they may be moving.

The stock analysis tool helps members determine which stocks or mutual funds may be best suited for them, and which stocks or funds work well. The best part is the tool is free to members.  Additionally, members can also get online training and learn to use and interpret the stock and mutual fund analysis tools.

Access to Investing Services

As a member of the NAIC, you will receive free, full time access to the S&P stock and Lipper mutual fund services providing data 24 hours a day. This is the highest quality data available, and is the best source of reliable information.

The program offers one free stock purchase each month for the first year of membership, allowing members to try their hands at investing in a safe and secure manner. In addition to the free investment, the NAIC offers many resources to help choose apprpriate stocks and make great investment decisions.

Discounts and Events

Besides the online and membership resources, the National Investment Club offers members discounts to Office Max stores anywhere in the nation. This discount is good not only on investment related materials, but anything you need at Office Max.

Additionally, there are high rates of interest on money market accounts and certificates of deposit, along with great low rates on credit cards exclusively for members.

Additional discounts are offered on investing books, software and special events sponsored by the National Investment Club and its local affiliated clubs.

Local, In-Person Training

Although the National Investment Club is an organization that spans the country, it has local affiliates around the country.

These chapters sponsor support and training events for local members on a regular basis so that they can have in-person support and ask questions of live human beings.

Many group members, especially older investors who are uncomfortable with working online exclusively find this a benefit they really appreciate.

Online Resources

However, for those who are comfortable with online resources, members of the National Investment Club have a number of exclusive resources available.

They can watch webcasts that analyze and study particular stocks and groups of stocks, have access to pre-selected candidates for stock purchase, take investment courses, participate in the online discussion forums with other members from around the country, and other online member benefits.

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