Understanding the Impact of Online Stock Market Investing

Many investors use online stock market investing as a way to manage their portfolios and build wealth. Many brokerage firms are set up almost exclusively as online brokerage houses. The firms allow investors the ability to trade their accounts in real time.  This is usually done without the assistance of a broker and trading can take place at almost any time of the day.

Access to the Market
Online stock market investing permits access to the markets for smaller investors and non-professionals.  The software and programs that has been created by online trading firms makes it easier to track trends in the market, make buy or sell decisions and understand how the market works.  More and more people are moving away from the high brokerage fees associated with managed accounts and trading their accounts through online market investing.

Impact on Markets
The daily trading volumes on the various stock exchanges has been growing since the advent of online trading.  This is indicative of the growing popularity of this method. It may also be telling of a larger trend toward self-reliance and a need for greater access and control by individuals when it comes to investing their money.

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