Top Stock Blogs to Monitor

Whether you are a seasoned trader, or new to buying stocks, stock blogs and websites can be a great tool to keep you informed. You can often get advice on hot purchases and up to the minute information on prices and market conditions. There are few stock blogs that are very popular because they are full of information and user friendly terms.

Overview of Buying and Selling on-line

When a company decides to sell stock, it must file registration statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission and wait 20 days before the auction of the stock. When distributing the stock, the last outline of the price is decided. The supporter buys all the stocks and sells them to the public. He decides the price of the stock and the mark up price for his offering. You place an order when you want to buy a stock. Your order is filled if there is a broker with a sale order at the same price. The details of the stock are then transmitted to any party that is interested. After 3 business days from the trade, the firm exchanges the stock certificate and money for the stock. When you sell a stock, tell your broker about the number of shares you wish to sell.

 Market Watch

This blog offers the latest news and information on the stock market. The website offers resources and tools that allow you to stay up to date on the changing market. With this blog, you have the capability to chart stocks and create your own profile. You can read about personal finance and mutual funds. The resources are provided by CBS and are free to use.


Sane Bull is an interactive web-based program that provides a finance web-top with tracking for your portfolio and  live stock market quotes. The website provides live news, stocks and information, making sure you stay on top of the market. Sanebull plug-ins let you to combine live market directly on your desktop, website, facebook, iphone and more.

Plan Your Investment

This website offers the latest news on business, stock market and finance. The blog is revised daily, keeping you updated on the latest rates and trends of the market. This blog site provides an inclusive guide for your money. Some of the most popular topics that are covered in this blog include insurance, tax planning, fixed deposits and home loans. They are available to contact if you have any questions or problems you may be having with your money.

Forex Trading

Forex offers a great way to make money from the comfort of your home. It is an excellent site for beginners and you can integrate Forex with your existing job. The name Forex means foreign exchange. With Forex, you trade currencies between foreign exchanges. This website prides itself on educating people on the stock market. However, be sure you have a basic knowledge of global economies and factors before you trade. There are many traders that have made Forex their home based business. 

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