Tips for Reading Your Mutual Fund Prospectus

The mutual fund prospectus is a very important financial document for investors to be aware of. If you are an investor in a mutual fund, you need to make sure that you read your mutual fund prospectus annually. Here are a few tips for reading your mutual fund prospectus.

Basic Information

The first thing that you will see on your mutual fund prospectus is basic information about the fund. You will see the date of the prospectus which tells you whether or not you are reading the most current version. You will also see the name of the fund and the company that issues it so that you can tell if you are reading the proper information. They will have contact information for the mutual fund provider as well.


The mutual fund prospectus will often include an explanation of what took place over the last year. The fund manager will describe the trading strategy as well as anything that did not go according to plan.


Within the mutual fund prospectus, you will also see a section that is devoted to the holdings of the fund. This section tells you exactly what securities are currently being held in the mutual fund. This is valuable information for you as it tells you what type of investment strategy they are utilizing. This is a good way for you to determine whether the mutual fund is meshing with your individual investment goals. For example, if you do not like to take risks and your investments and you see a portfolio full of growth stocks, you might want to consider selling your shares.


The mutual fund prospectus will also have a section that is made up of charts and graphs. This is a visual representation of the performance of the mutual fund. You will typically see a chart or graph that illustrates what has happened in the previous year. It will also be compared to the returns of the mutual fund in prior years. This section provides you with an easy way to understand exactly what has happened historically with your mutual fund.

Fee Table

Another important section for you to check out is the fee table. This is a table or section that explains exactly what you will be paying over the coming year. It will outline the expense ratio and exactly what it is being used for. Many investors do not pay much attention to the section, but it is extremely important to investors. The expense ratio comes directly out of the returns that you earn each year. Therefore, you need to determine if the expense ratio is suitable to you or not.

Other Shareholder Information

The mutual fund prospectus will also include other important information for shareholders. For example, it might tell you exactly how to buy or sell shares of the mutual fund. If there are any minimum investment requirements, they will also be outlined in the mutual fund prospectus. The mutual fund prospectus might also include information about tax implications for investors in the fund.

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