Tips for Buying Call Options

If you are looking into options trading, you will want to know more about how to profit from buying call options. Call options can be extremely profitable and give great rates of return if the underlying stock value goes up substantially. Options give the buyer the right to buy or purchase the underlying stock. This makes the call option a form of derivative, that is, it derives its value from the value of the underlying stock.

Buying Profitably

To use the power of leverage and maximize the value of your money, buy stock options of the company whose stock you expect to go up in value. This way, your initial investment is lower. For instance, the call option of a company will be only a fraction of the price of the shares of the company. If the value of the stocks goes up in the short term, that is, before the expiration date of the call option, the value of the call option too will go up.

Minimize Losses

In case your investment decision is wrong, all you stand to lose is the amount you invested in the call option. This sum, as stated previously, will be a fraction of the price of the shares themselves. As is evident from the discussion above, by investing in call options, you will both be able to mitigate your risk and reap a higher rate of return.


You will have to continue to do is research the stock thoroughly and make sure that the call options that you buy are for stocks whose value will go up in the near future. The value of the stock has to go up before the call option expires.

Sometimes, you can profit from a call option by selling the option when it is on a high even though the stock value itself is yet to rise. If you time the sale of the call, so that the option value is high even if the stock value is low, you can still book handsome profits.

As with all investments a complete study of the markets is essential to make profits in the call option market as well. You need to know all about the underlying asset class and the underlying asset in particular to be able to generate profits by playing in the call options market. For this it is essential to study the stock markets in detail and in depth to ensure that you pick the right stocks. Once you are certain of the stock and are bullish on it, it makes greater sense to buy a call option rather than the underlying stock itself. The essential thing is to do your homework first. This is true in the case of derivatives as it is in the case of the stocks themselves.

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