The "Wealth Effect" and Stock Trading Confidence

In the world of stock trading, there is a phenomenon known as the wealth effect that comes up periodically. This effect can have a dramatic influence on the market itself and the investors that comprise the market. Here are the basics of the wealth effect and how it affects stock trading.

The Wealth Effect

The wealth effect is a psychological factor that is experienced by many traders. It takes place when significant gains are realized in their portfolios. For example, during a major bull market many investors make substantial amount of money. When this happens, our confidence level rises and it can affect a number of different things. We feel comfortable spending more money regardless of outside circumstances because of the gains are portfolios. In addition to that, this increases our stock trading confidence and makes us feel unbeatable.

Trading with confidence can be a very valuable tool for traders. However, you want to walk a fine line between being confident and cocky when it comes to trading the stock market. Many times, traders start to feel invincible and take investments that they would never take normally. It is usually at these times, that these investors come crashing down the hardest.

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