The Vulture Fund: Picking the Remains

The vulture fund is a type of fund that attempts to invest in distressed situations and securities. Here are the basics of the vulture fund and what it can do for investors. 

The Vulture Fund

This is a fund that invests in securities that other funds would consider high risk. They might invest in junk bonds from corporations nearing default. They might also invest in stocks of companies close to bankruptcy.


Although it might not seem like a sound investment strategy to invest in securities that are distressed, these funds do have a purpose to them. When you invest in companies that are close to bankruptcy, you can usually buy the securities for pennies on the dollar. By purchasing these securities for next to nothing, the vulture fund has a huge potential for growth. If the companies rebound, the vulture fund stands to make a large return on the investment.


Even though there are some benefits that come with investing in this type of fund, it carries with it a high amount of risk. Many of the investments that vulture funds make do not pan out. Therefore, you have to be prepared to lose money occasionally with this type of investment.

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