The Uneven Returns of Mutual Funds

Dealing with mutual fund returns can be challenging as an investor. While it would be nice if a mutual fund could provide a steady source of growth, this is rarely the case. Here are a few things to consider about the uneven returns provided by mutual funds.

Value of Assets

One of the main things that influences the returns of mutual funds is the value of the assets that make up the fund. A mutual fund is a collection of many different securities. For example, many mutual funds invest in hundreds or thousands of different stocks. In order to determine the value of the mutual fund, you have to add up the individual values of each asset in the portfolio. If you have ever looked at the stock market, you know that the values of the stocks fluctuate on a daily basis. Therefore, when the portfolio of the mutual fund is made up of stocks, its value can also fluctuate on a daily basis.

Management Style

Another reason that mutual funds offer uneven returns is because of the management style that is used for the mutual fund. If an aggressive strategy is used, there will be a lot of buying and selling going on. This means the portfolio could change drastically in a short amount time.

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