The Stock Watcher: It Knows if You've Been Bad or Good

The stock watcher is something that you will need to be aware of if you plan on trading in the stock market. Here are the basics of the stock watcher and what it can do for investors.

The Stock Watcher

The stock watcher is a computer program that is constantly used by the New York Stock Exchange. The New York Stock Exchange utilizes this program in order to monitor all trading that is going on in the market. The stock watcher is designed to monitor trades and identify any unusual practices. This is utilized in order to prevent illegal trading or any other unscrupulous practices in the stock market.

Impact to Investors

The stock watcher is a very technologically advanced program that can pick up on a number of different movements in the market. Therefore, as long as you are trading as you should, this program should make you feel safer. You will not have to worry about anyone taking advantage of you in the stock market. This should also put you on notice that you should not attempt anything that could be construed as unscrupulous. Any attempt at insider trading will likely be caught by the stock watcher, and you will face serious punishment.

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