A shareholder register is an important part of trading in the stock market. Here are the basics of the shareholder register and why it is important to you as an investor.

The Shareholder Register

The shareholder register is a database of all of the different shareholders that hold a particular stock. This is a database that is continuously updated by the company that issued the stock. In this registry, they keep track of any pertinent information about shareholders. For example, they will keep track of your name, your address and your phone number. If a share of stock changes hands in the market, they will update the related information in the shareholder register.


The shareholder register holds some importance to investors. With this registry, you know that there is a record that you are a shareholder of a particular corporation. You can also access this registry in order to communicate with other company shareholders. This can be to your advantage if you need to know certain information about the stock or if you want to work with other shareholders. The shareholder registry will often be utilized during a takeover bid in order for the acquiring party to determine how much it would cost to purchase the shares of the stock.

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