The option class is a term that you may want to become familiar with as an investor in the stock market. Here are the basics of the option class and what it means to you and your investments.

The Option Class

The option class refers to the entire set of options that are available. This can refer to all of the put options that are available on a certain stock, or it can refer to the available call options. This can be limited to a particular stock or can also cover an entire index or sector.


The option class can be a valuable indicator of where the market is headed. By seeing if there is an abundance of call options or put options on a particular index or stock, you can more accurately determine the general feeling of the market. Many investors look at this statistic before making any large decisions in one way or the other. With advancements in technology, you can forecast this out over the course of an entire year if you want to. This can prove a very valuable tool when you are trying to determine whether to invest.

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