The Mutual Fund Economies of Scale Advantage

Economies of scale is part of what makes the mutual fund a powerful investment vehicle. Mutual funds have been a popular investment for a number of years and provide investors with several benefits. Here are the basics of how economies of scale assist mutual funds and investors.

Pooling of Funds

Mutual funds allow you to benefit from a significant pooling of funds from various investors. A mutual fund takes all of the funds that investors are willing to invest, and uses those funds for the entire group. They take all of the funds and purchase other securities to create a portfolio of investments. This allows smaller investors to get involved in a very large basket of assets.


Diversification is another one of the many benefits that a mutual fund has to offer. An individual investor rarely has enough money to completely diversify their own portfolio because that would require them to buy hundreds or thousands of different stocks across many different sectors. However, a mutual fund can buy thousands of different stocks because of their leverage. They sell a share of that portfolio to individual investors for a reasonable price. This makes it possible for the average investor to diversify their holdings with the help of economies of scale.

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