The Manager of Managers Fund

The Manager of Managers fund is a type of mutual fund that employs multiple fund managers at the same time. With most mutual funds, they use an individual fund manager to make all of the investment decisions for the fund. With this type of mutual fund, each manager is in charge of a particular aspect of the mutual fund. Each manager has the ability to buy and sell assets for the fund.

The idea behind this type of investment strategy is that it is better to have individuals who are experts in each area of the financial markets making decisions. With a regular mutual fund, you are relying on the fund manager to essentially be a jack of all trades. With certain mutual funds, the manager has to understand how to invest in the stock market as well as in the bond market. However, with the Manager of Managers fund, each particular segment of the market will be managed by a particular individual. For example, an expert in the bond market will be in charge of the bond investments for the fund while an expert in the stock market will be in charge of the stock investments.

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