The Limitless Potential of Pooled Funds

Using pooled funds is essential to the success of any mutual fund. Pooled funds is when several investors put their investment dollars together into a single entity and use it to invest. One of the major benefits of using pooled funds is that you experience economies of scale. Many investors can accomplish much more than a single investor with their investment dollars. By combining millions of investors dollars together, the mutual funds can get better deals on securities and preferential treatment in the market. When you have more money, you are substantially leveraged and will get more attention and better prices. Acting as a single investor, you may or may not get the execution that you desire in the market place.

Lower Fees

Pooled funds can also experience lower fees as a result of the leverage benefits. When you act on your own and purchase individual stocks, you will have to pay a per transaction commission, which can significantly reduce your earnings. However, when you invest in a mutual fund, you get to take advantage of the lower fees that come with investing a larger account. The mutual fund will buy and sell thousands of shares of time and will therefore get a substantial break for doing this. These savings are then passed onto you as an investor.

Professional Management

One of the main purposes of the mutual fund was to provide professional management to the masses. For many years, hedge funds were the only form of professional management available to investors. However, you had to be an accredited investor in order to get involved. This meant that you had to have a substantial amount of money to qualify. However, with the invention of the mutual fund, the average investor could gain access to professional money management. You can give your investment dollars to a mutual fund and let a professional money manager make the investment decisions for you. This allows you to leverage their experience and expertise in the stock market and benefit from it greatly.


As an individual, it is very difficult to achieve true diversification the market. It would take a substantial amount of money and expertise in order to the accomplish this. By investing in a mutual fund, you can successfully diversify your portfolio because of the mass amounts of funds available. A mutual fund can buy thousands or millions of different shares of stocks across different sectors in the market.

With diversification, you are able to diversify the entire portfolio and lower the overall risk. An individual can often only buy a few different stocks which are then subject to bankruptcy risk by that company. The bankruptcy of one company is not going to adversely affect a mutual fund that greatly. Therefore, this is a major benefit to the investors in a mutual fund.

Where to Find a Place to Invest

You can search online for reputable funds or talk to a financial adviser for pointers. The most important considerations when you choose a pooled fund is the reputation of the fund managers, historical gains and losses, management of the fund and the direction of the company for the future.

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