The Diversified Common Stock Fund

A diversified common stock fund is a type of mutual fund that focuses on investing in common stock. This type of mutual fund can provide you with a few unique benefits as an investor. Here are the basics of the diversified common stock fund and what it can do for you.

Diversified Common Stock Fund

With this type of fund, the fund manager is going to use the fund's assets to purchase many different types of common stock. Although traditional mutual funds do a good job of buying a variety of stocks, this type of fund will purchase a very large number of stocks. For example, the fund might decide to purchase hundreds of different company stocks for the portfolio. There are no restrictions as to what types of companies can be invested in as there are with other forms of mutual funds.

Investment Considerations

This represents a great way to diversify your portfolio. However, you also need to keep in mind that the more you diversify a portfolio, the less of a return you should expect to earn. This means that you should expect modest gains from a diversified common stock fund compared to what you could receive from other forms of mutual funds.

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