The debt fund is a type of mutual fund that invests solely in debt instruments. Here are the basics of the debt fund and whether or not you should consider making it a part of your portfolio.

The Debt Fund

With a debt fund, you are buying into a mutual fund that is designed to produce income. Most of the time, these funds focus on purchasing bonds. Purchasing a bond is essentially like loaning your money to a corporation or the government. In return for the loan, they will pay you a set rate of interest over the life of the bond. When a mutual fund purchases bonds, they will collect all of these regular interest payments and distribute them to the shareholders. This type of fund provides you with a way to get involved in the bond market without having to purchase individual bonds. 

Investment Considerations

This type of fund can be a very valuable asset to your portfolio. It is a good way to develop a steady source of income over the long-term. The debt fund can provide you with a solid form of investment to maintain your wealth. If you are nearing retirement and want a fairly safe way to invest your funds, you should strongly consider this type of mutual fund. 

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