The Best Resources for Learning FOREX Technical Analysis

Using FOREX technical analysis is a very popular way for FOREX traders to decide when they want to trade. Technical analysis is basically analyzing the price data from a currency pair and looking for patterns. This can be a very valuable tool and is the most common way to analyze the FOREX market. Although common, it can be very complicated to learn how to do it effectively. Here are a few resources that you can use to learn FOREX technical analysis. 

FOREX Brokers

Most FOREX brokers offer a wealth of information about technical analysis. They have classes and information that you can read in order to learn how to analyze the technical data properly. They do this for customers but many of them provide the information for free to anyone. 


Another popular way to get information about technical analysis is from FOREX forums. Many FOREX traders hang out in forums and can provide you with valuable insight into the world of technical analysis. Be careful because you can get bad advice here as quickly as you can get good advice.

FOREX Teachers

Many successful FOREX traders teach their strategies once they have become successful. There are many FOREX gurus out there to choose from so you need to be careful who you choose. 

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