The Advantages of Gold Bonds

When investors think of investing in bonds, gold is typically not something that they are considering. However, with gold bonds, you can effectively combine two forms of investment. Here are some of the advantages that gold bonds provide investors. 

Speculate on Gold

Many people consider speculating on gold at some point in their investment careers. However, the logistics of actually going through with it turn them off. You have to purchase the gold and physically inventory it to actually get any benefit. Gold is heavy and bulky and is difficult to protect. However, with a gold bond, you can invest indirectly in gold without taking physical inventory of the gold itself. A gold bond is issued by a gold mining company when it needs to raise money for business expenses. Bond holders receive a certain rate of interest in return for their investment. Therefore, they are benefiting from the value of gold without the problems that come with buying it. 


Some forms of bonds may be difficult to sell when you need to. When there is a low demand for a certain type of bond, there is usually not much of a market for them. If you want to buy or sell them, you might have to take a major discount or pay a premium for them. You may also have to wait for a longer period of time than you want to find a buyer. With gold bonds, this is never an issue. Gold is always in demand, and those that want to invest in gold bonds are easy to find. Many gold bonds even allow you to convert your bonds into gold at a certain point. Therefore, if you need to, you can always cash them in and take gold. This will provide you with an asset that is guaranteed to have value in the future. 

Low Correlation

One thing that makes anything related to the gold industry a good investment is its low correlation to outside influences. When you invest in stocks, currencies, or even other bonds, your investment can be influenced by news releases and other economic factors. With gold, this is not really much of a problem. It tends to move independently of other factors. Therefore, when economic times are considered bad overall, your gold investment could still be going strong. 

Regular Payments

When you own a gold bond, you will receive a regular interest payment in return for your investment. While it will usually be at a lower interest rate compared to those for some other bonds, you should feel very confident that you will continue to receive it. Gold bonds are one of the safest types of bonds available, and therefore, they can provide you a regular income stream for many years into the future without much uncertainty. 

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